Friday, November 30, 2012

ReStore the Giving

Make your Home a Castle of Giving:

If you're anything like me, this is the time of year when I start thinking about how much STUFF I have and how I don't want anymore STUFF to clutter up my home.  As The Fly Lady, Marla Ciley  says, clutter steals happiness, and who wants their happiness stolen? Not me! 
As I go through household goods, building materials, hardware, etc, its sometimes difficult to know what to do with all that?  Garage Sales are fine for many, but they feel like alot of work with not alot of reward for me. I prefer to donate. Now, what if I could make my home a virtual CASTLE of giving? Well, guess what? I can! And so can you.
And the best part, is, you can do it by either donating items no longer needed, OR purchasing items you find yourself in need of. That means if you're not in the position to donate, but still want to help, and have some home projects to complete Habitat for Humanity's ReStore has the perfect opportunity for you to make generous living a literal part of your home life. How? 
Items are brought TO ReStores, then they are bought FROM ReStores, generating much needed money for Habitat for Humanity building projects! Need more information?  Check out this two minute video from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore official site where you can read about how ReStores work, what they raise money for, and where your nearest ReStore is located.

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