Sunday, December 2, 2012

I can do hard things

I can do hard things 

 I Can do Hard Things

I can! And I will! Have you ever said this to yourself? But you know you can, right? You've already done many, many difficult things in your life, no matter your age. YOU, by virtue of being a living, breathing, thinking being, have done hard things! Have you forgotten this is true? Give yourself the gift of acknowledgment. Acknowledge your past, acknowledge  your present, and acknowledge that your future is EXACTLY what you've been built for. YOU can do hard things! And so can I.
I love this inspirational piece which was designed by Gg and Jeraly  as the result of a voting contest.  Our facebook fans submitted some of their favorite inspirational phrases, and we put it to a vote. "I can do hard things" took the lead immediately and easily won the contest. Why? I wondered to myself does this phrase hold so much power for us? Well...I think its because it gives us permission to acknowledge that sometimes, life is stinkin' HARD! But...the phrase then also gives us encouragement to go on anyways, and not just endure, but endure well! Dare I say...CONQUER?  The thought makes me smile. :)

Are you currently facing difficulties?  You are not alone, you are lovable, and worthy of giving and receiving love.  Be YOU and be the BEST YOU you can be.  Be generous in patience, be generous in kindness, be generous in your opinions, and watch how those around you lift you, and carry you up that mountain. You can do hard things, and you can make the hard things easier with just a little bit of generosity, towards yourself, and those around you. Its life changing.


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