Saturday, November 24, 2012

Charitable giving outpaces economic growth

Wow! We certainly live in a time when one might expect charitable giving to be down, but according to this article on AdvisorOne, not only is giving not down, but gifts are outpacing economic growth!

According to author Micheal S. Fisher (heavily citing the Atlas of Giving), this year's expected giving of nearly $360 billion dollars outpaces last year's giving by nearly $38 billion dollars.  And so where is this money coming from? It may or may not surprise you that 75% of donated dollars are coming from individuals just like you and I.  Corporations will donate about 5%, with the remainder coming from foundations, bequests, and other similar giving tools.

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Atlas of Giving

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  1. However only 5% of donation come from corporations, I was presently surprised at exactly how much the big corporations like Walmart give each and every year. The numbers are staggering.
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