Monday, December 3, 2012

World AIDS Day

World Aids Day 2012 photo by Smith Family Photography

World AIDS Day

Does it seem like you've heard a lot of information about HIV/AIDS today?  There's good reason for it.  Sunday, December 2 was World AIDS Day and so the topic is being heavily covered world wide.  

AIDS is no respecter of persons. There are no economic, race, sexual orientation, or income barriers to contracting the HIV virus, only educational and social barriers to preventing infection.  
In India, Educational and Social Barriers contribute to many aspects of disadvantaged life in the rural areas such as Tamil Nadu where our non-profit partner Gingham Project does the majority of their work, but no disadvantage is greater than that of the HIV orphan.  In a culture where social status dictates much about daily life the HIV orphan has no social status, even religion has abandoned these faultless children.  But there is good news! Organizations like Gingham Project have taken notice and found ways to help, but they can't help without YOU.  

Donations made to Gingham Project directly fund projects to feed, shelter, and clothe children effected by the HIV/AIDS virus, and to educate and create economic opportunity within the at risk community.  You can read more about Gingham Project by clicking on the Gingham Project link on this page, or any of the links within this post.  

You have many choices about how to distribute your charitable donations this year, and you can hardly make a bad choice, but I sincerely hope you'll give at least a small share to Gingham Project this year.  A simple $1000 will build an education center (locally called a tuition center, though it is free of charge to attend) and help to pay a teacher. The last center Gingham Project built has become SO popular that a safety hazard has been created by the dozens of children cramming their little bodies in to learn each day.  Will you help? 

Donations can be made directly to Gingham Project via the pay pal button on the Gingham Project link, OR you can help by making some of your gift purchases through Generous Giant and choosing Gingham Project as the beneficiary of your spending.  Thirdly, you can purchase some fantastic earrings (perfect stocking stuffers) direcly from the Gingham Project's Payvment Store on Facebook.


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